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User:words_spoken (10860)
Alaska Through my Eyes
Website:Susan Stevenson - Alaska Through my Eyes
Location:North Pole, Alaska, United States
Bio:I've been keeping an LJ for 5 years, and a paper journal for 35 years. I live in Alaska with my husband, a dog and a cat. The kids are grown, so it's just us now. We like to travel throughout the state, camp, hike, look for moose, and watch the dogs race.
Interests:13: alaska, camping, cats, dogs, hiking, journaling, pets, photography, reading, travel, web design, wildlife, writing
Schools:None listed
People9:fried_pearl, human_beans, jimmy, lesli, nova_gurl, pinklipstain10, rolypoly_laurie, seren, trinkettt
Account type:Early Adopter

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