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User:lesli (10662)
Welcome Home!
Location:Oregon, United States
Bio:I'm married with two grown children who I'm very proud of. I enjoy entertaining and meeting new friends. I've decided I'm going to learn to scuba dive this year and will try to experience something new every week. I'm an old hat at blogging thanks to LJ, I think it will be fun to be part of this new site as it grows. Add me if you like....I play nice. Ciao!

Interests:37: architecture, beaches, birds, cats, clothes, cooking, dogs, drawing, family, flowers, friends, fun people, gardening, hydrangeas, italian food, journaling, laughing, live theater, make-up, malbec, maples, movies, music, old buildings, parties, photography, puppies, rioja, sangiovese, scuba diving, shakespeare, shoes, shopping, walks, watercolors, wine, writing
Schools:None listed
People17:aristoboule, becky_gardens, fried_pearl, hot_house, human_beans, jimmy, lesli, news, nova_gurl, pinklipstain10, seren, system, t1ff4ny, techno_goddess, trinkettt, twilightsdawne, words_spoken
Account type:Early Adopter

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