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User:aristoboule (10451)
Name:Artemis Aristoboule
Bio:I'm in my 30s, married, socially liberal but fiscally conservative, and if pressed to identify myself politically, it'd be Libertarian. In college, I'd planned to be an economist and then jumped ship to Classics and archaeology, making me an ex-archaeologist with a continued interest in Classics and Mediterranean art and archaeology. I can still read Homer in meter, but my modern Greek has pretty much wilted on the vine. I've worked on two excavations in Greece and an architectural project in Western Turkey, all in the 1990s. Even though I have arthritis, I enjoy running and walking and am working up to training for a marathon one of these years. I love cats and dogs, and have a Himalayan cat and an English Mastiff, and I also keep freshwater tropical fish.

As far as my online life, I enjoy roleplaying (see my RP journals below), icon making, writing, and journaling. I also love cut tags! There should be a National Cut Tag Day. If you take icons from others who request credit and you don't credit them, I probably won't like you very much. Although I've been involved in various fandoms, most of my writing and RPing involves orginal characters (especially with my partner in crime, [info]ardath_rekha!). Most of my personal journal is public, and chances are that if you friend me I'll friend you back. I don't expect people to always agree with me, since that would make a boring world indeed. ;D But I do ask that you be at least eighteen, since I do sometimes discuss some very explicit things (and yep, I'm one of those people who can eat lunch and watch surgery videos).

My other journals:
aristoboule @ IJ (main and most active journal)
aristoboule @ LJ
aristoboule @ GJ
aristoboule @ DJ
aristoboule @ LostJournal
aristoboule @ Twitter
aristoboule @ Caleida
aristoboule @ Blurty
Interests:137: 80's, 80s, american psycho, ancient egypt, ancient greece, ancient greek, ancient history, aquaria, aquariums, archaeology, are your interests lj-approved?, art, arthritis, athenian agora, athens, banners, bdsm, beaches, best laid plans, big love, binky, binky the mastiff, books, brett chukerman, cats, christian troy, corinth, corsets, cruel intentions, cut tags, d/s, dale chihuly, doctor who, dogs, egypt, egyptian art, english mastiffs, erotica, ethiopia, ethiopian food, fan fiction, fanfic, fanfiction, fiction, fishkeeping, freshwater fish, gardening, georgia aquarium, graphics, greece, greek, greek art, greek food, greek icons, greek sculpture, hbo's rome, hello kitty, heroes, himalayan cats, history, icons, industrial, insane journal, insanejournal, ipod nano, isthmia, jogging, josh lucas, julian mcmahon, kink, kittens, latin, leafy seadragons, legally blonde, lj cut, mastiffs, mauritius, mega ling posts, meteora, minotaur, miracle at oxford, mormyrids, movies, multifandom, music, mythology, nike plus, nike+, nikeplus, nip/tuck, no money down, nurse linda, original characters, original fiction, photographs of dogs, pictures of dogs, pleasantville, polypterids, poseidon, poseidon movie, reese witherspoon, retail therapy, rheumatoid arthritis, rioja, robin tunney, role playing, roleplaying, rome, ropefish, rp, rping, running, saint lucia, saltwater fish, seafood, seahorses, secondhand lions, sexuality, shibari, small fandoms, st. lucia, stealth, sweet home alabama, the deep end, travel, traveling, turkey, turkish food, turkiye, wag-a-lot, walk the line, weight of water, when strangers appear, wildflower, wine, writing, yoga
People9:ardath_rekha, aristoboule, jimmy, lesli, news, seren, spark, system, zannechaos
Mutual Friends:5: aristoboule, lesli, seren, spark, zannechaos
Member of:1: usernames
Account type:Early Adopter

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