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User:seren (10987)
Location:Aberystwyth, United Kingdom
Bio:50-something; wife and mother; cat and hen wrangler; Pagan; Piscean.
Interests:60: abbey girls books, agent sands, anne of green gables, aromatherapy oils, bats, books, calexico, candles, capercaillie, cats, chalet school, chalet school books, cherry ames, chocolate, christina rossetti, clannad, discworld, domains, enigma, enya, epona, firefly, friends, granny weatherwax, greebo, grieg, hay-on-wye, history, hush, hush icons, jellybabies, joan of arc, johnny depp, lady sybil vimes, learning welsh, love, march 20, mediaeval baebes, moleskine, movies, music, nanny gytha ogg, nick cave, nightwatch, over 40, pagan, pisces, poetry, pre-raphaelite art, reading, robin of sherwood, roses, runrig, science fiction, strawberries, tanita tikaram, tea, victorian poets, wales, writing
Schools:None listed
People15:aristoboule, fanatique, fried_pearl, inotherwords, jimmy, lesli, memorysketch, monday, news, nova_gurl, pisces, psyche, starkiller, system, words_spoken
Communities2:addme, pagan
Mutual Friends:7: aristoboule, fried_pearl, lesli, memorysketch, nova_gurl, starkiller, words_spoken
Member of:2: addme, pagan
Account type:Special Early Donator Account

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