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User:starkiller (10870)
Star's Journal
Specimen Jars, Gerbils and Defense Against the Plebe Arts

This journal is friends only. In case you missed it, I am a huge fan of Hans Matheson. Christian Coulson and Hans Matheson mood theme made by me.

Les Choses Ici

There will be waffling about films and music and books, rambles about politics, posts of pretties and pictures, icon dumps, fanfic posts and various other stuffs. This journal will be something of a hodge podge of stuffs. Adult material will be flocked.

Les Fiction et Les Autres

I ship Blaise Zabini/Tom Riddle and Blaise Zabini/Remus Lupin in HP, Sam/Dean in Supernatural, Ten/Master, Nine/Jack and Jack/John in Doctor Who and Torchwood, Kostya/Anton and Anton/Edgar in Night Watch: Nochnoi Dozor, Caspian/Edmund in Narnia, Paul/Alva in Miracles, Avon/Tarrant in Blake's 7, Buffy/Faith, Buffy/Spike and Spike/Angel in Buffy TVS, Sheridan/Garibaldi in Babylon 5, Nick/LaCroix/Jeanette in Forever Knight, Stephen/Nick in Primeval, Faramir/Boromir, Boromir/Aragorn in Lord of the Rings, and do occaisionally dabble in RPS. I'm single, relationship-phobic, 30-something, Australian, cranky pants, disabled, a writer, a photographer, a dabbler, a role player, a music lover, a Russia-phile, a medievalist, a re-enactor and a fan. And I get bored quickly.

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The Animal Rescue Site

Sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.
-- Lewis Carroll

The WeatherPixie
Interests:148: 'allo 'allo, 300, a perfect circle, absinthe, aleksei chadov, amy lee, ancient egypt, angelina jolie, angst, anton/kostya, art, babylon 5, bad taste bears, battlestar galactica 2003, bel ami, blaise = ♥, blaise zabini, blaise/remus, blaise/tom, blake's 7, body art, bones, books, boots, bpal, bruce campbell, brushes, byron, californication, cats, cheese, christian coulson, christopher eccleston, coca-cola, conspiracies, costumes, creative writing, csi, daleks, darkfic, dave hughes, digital art, doctor who, donne, dvd's, ebay, enchantica, england, evanescence, experimental pancakes, fan fiction, fanzines, farscape, films, firefly, football, forever knight, france, fruche, gabriel byrne, gender equality, gestalt glitter brain, hans = ♥, hans matheson, hans_matheson's_big_blue_eyes, harry potter, historical film, historical reenactment, history, horses, house, icons, ikea, ikea is love, ioan gruffudd, isabelle adjani, japanese horror, jello biafra, john barrowman, john donne, john simm, johnny depp, konstantin khabensky, left hand path, life on mars, literature, living dead dolls, living history, lush, medieval history, medieval reenactment, medievalism, merrick and rosso, missy higgins, monica belluci, murano glass, music, narnia, nine inch nails, nine/jack, nochnoi dozor, paint shop pro, paris, parkinson, photography, pickled onions, piercings, pocket dragons, poetry, politics, primeval, punk, rage, rammstein, reading, remus lupin, role playing, rove, russia, sarcasm, satire, science fiction, sergey lukanyenko, set, sex pistols, shakespeare, shoes, slash, smut, snark, soccer, star wars, supernatural, survivor, tablet weaving, tattoos, the crusades, the glasshouse, the rasmus, tom riddle, tom/blaise, tool, torchwood, vodka, wine, wolves, writing, zabiddle
Schools:None listed
People13:analise, dramedy, g_shadowslayer, jimmy, leviathanmuse, nevermore, news, nope, seren, system, urbandruid, venus_in_furs, zaganthi
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