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User:fanatique (13040)
fanlisting updates
Location:United Kingdom
Bio:This is a companion journal to [info]seren; somewhere to note the updates I make to my fanlistings, new ones I've built and fls I've given a wash and brush up.
Interests:66: actors, african violets, albums, anise, apple crumble, arizona dream, aventerine, axel blackmarr, bats, black cats, black swans, blow, books, broom, chalet school, cherry ames, christina rossetti, constellations, dante gabriel rossetti, dead man, don juan demarco, elizabeth siddell, enya, epona, fanlistings, gaia, gene watson, george jung, gerard manley hopkins, girls' school stories, goatee beards, greebo, humphrey bogart, hwin, ichabod crane, johnny depp, literature, louisa may alcott, love at first sight, monogamy, mother goddess, movies, music, nanny ogg, nick of time, pagan, parley, poetry, poets, primroses, raphael, reincarnation, rhiannon, rob holdstock, sands, songs, st clares, stephen king, sweet williams, the brave, the crone goddess, the goddess, the lantern waste, the snow queen, tidepools, white cats
Schools:None listed
Friends:None listed.
Also Friend of:2: monday, seren
Account type:Early Adopter

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