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User:ditte (14777)
Interests:48: , angel, angelina jolie, angels, br√łndby if, coding, computers, copenhagen, crau, css, david boreanaz, denmark, design, eliza dushku, eminem, fanfiction, firefly, football, george clooney, god, graphic design, heavy metal, html, icons, jaime bergman, jesus christ, joss whedon, layouts, marilyn manson, metal, metallica, money, music, nightwish, photography, politics, queer as folk, reading, serenity, slash, snoopy, soccer, spangel, staind, the girls next door, web design, within temptation, writing
People2:news, system
Communities7:addme, askhere, inriddles, randomquestion, resourced, scribbldsuggest, sextalk
Member of:7: addme, askhere, inriddles, randomquestion, resourced, scribbldsuggest, sextalk
Account type:Early Free User

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