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User:illusions (19202)
Into a world of judgment and definition...
...where all things succome to a desire.
Name:Delusions Mistress

Just a place where I can write what I see and what I feel when it comes to others. A location where I can show you what life is like through my eyes, and when and where I react to the places and people that I see before me. What gives my mouth that crooked little curve, and why it's often described as a somewhat evil look. If you desire to know it's meaning, then come in and find out.
Interests:22: blindfolds, bondage, cages, collars, domination, following orders, force, gags, handcuffs, ice cubes, kneeling, leash, leather, leather cuffs, masturbation, mind games, orgasm control, restraints, role-playing, sensory deprivation, sexuality, spanking
Communities2:post_secret, sextalk
Friend of:1: summerskydreams
Member of:7: backgrounds, bitchbook, mindbodysoul, post_secret, regal, sextalk, yoursecrets
Account type:Early Free User

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