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User:reira (13135)
a torch dragged over one hay bale after another, igniting everything
Website:ocean skies
Location:Charlotte, United States
Bio:My name is Donna and I'm 18.
I attend The Art Institute of Charlotte for Fashion Marketing.
It's fun. Could be groovier, but oh well.

My friends call me a hippie.
I don't know if I agree, but whatever.

Right now my journal is public. Read all you like, but don't you think it's better just to comment and add? :]

I've got my issues and you have yours, but maybe we can get together along the way and work them out.

Interests:34: 60's, alcohol, andy warhol, anime, art, art school, beatniks, classical, cloves, costumes, drugs, edie, edie sedgwick, fashion, goodwill, london, mod, mods, movies, music, narcotics, nature, parks, photography, piano, school, shows, that 70's show, the beat generation, the ocean, the sixties, thrift stores, twiggy, vintage
Schools:None listed
People3:kuroitenshi, pinklipstain10, zellywellywoowo
Communities3:post_secret, sextalk, thin
Friend of:2: pinklipstain10, zellywellywoowo
Member of:3: post_secret, sextalk, thin
Account type:Early Adopter

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