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Community Information

Below is information about the "Thin" community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:thin (11518)
(no userpics)

Basically a community just like thinlimbed on Greatestjournal. More info coming soon.

Make sure all entries posted are friends only!

Maintainers:1: timestops
Members:42: _bden_, amour, anatomy, atlantic, azalea, beckymarie, berry, bigbang, bohemian, dainty, dandi, dedicate, desolate___0x6, disneyworld, exotic, forgivedreamers, gaffe, grouphugs, highfashion, hilary, hummingbirds, liable, maps, margo, measured, neko, obliquelyrun, perpetual, pocketsoul, potterwatch, pure, reira, sanctified, scifi, seductive, snowflake, timestops, tinyvegan, tryst, tyciol, wishes
Watched by:20: amour, berry, bigbang, dainty, dandi, dedicate, desolate___0x6, exotic, forgivedreamers, highfashion, hilary, hummingbirds, margo, neko, obliquelyrun, potterwatch, reira, seductive, timestops, wishes
Account type:Early Adopter

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