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User:novacainejunkie (14158)
(no userpics)
Name:Megyn the Rockstar
Website:Myspace or yours?
Location:Hoquiam, Washington, United States
AOL IM:AIM status xhollowxxliesx (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:Yahoo status xhollowxliesx (Add User, Send Message)
MSN Username:

I'm just a girl, trying to not fuck things up too much. I'm still trying to figure everything out, and I generally have no clue what to do with my life. I've had this journal for a long time, but I've never been able to keep it up. I'm proud to say that I'm actually using this thing now, so yay! I love photography. I love art. I love music. I love the internet. I love my friends. I love animals. I think I love life. I can be pretty interesting, and I'd love to get to know you. And by that I don't mean that we add each other and you never speak to me, I like attention, I'm a needy attention whore. So be my friend?

And I am a writer, writer of fictions I am the heart that you call home And I've written pages upon pages Trying to rid you from my bones --The Decemberists, The Engine Driver

Here is a list of ALL the fics I have ever written.

And, if you're interested in things that I love to read by other people, click here for my rec list!

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Interests:37: 80's music, billie joe armstrong, blake lewis, body art, chloe sevigny, clea duvall, colin meloy, dark arts, emo kids, ewan mcgregor, fanfics, folk music, gary oldman, harry potter, harry/draco, html, indie music, john lennon, julia stiles, katherine moennig, lesbians, love, macaulay culkin, mohawks, photography, politics, punk rock, queer as folk, rent, sex/sexuality, sirius/remus, sirius/snape, tegan and sara, the beatles, the l word, writing, zombies
Schools:None listed
People7:boners, news, roniah, system, tea_party, wasabi, zellywellywoowo
Communities2:flame_cup, honor_cup
Mutual Friends:3: boners, roniah, zellywellywoowo
Also Friend of:3: blackxbellax, bubl, caylenecasualty
Member of:1: flame_cup
Account type:Early Free User

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