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User:weirdalyankovic (12158)
Name:conan's bitchin' strike beard
Location:Zionsville, Indiana, United States
AOL IM:AIM status fieldysnutzlolz (Add Buddy, Send Message)


(click on picture for extended info)

Interests:85: 80's music, 80's-80's-80's-80's-80's-80's-& more-80's!, adrian balboa, andrew w.k., being creative, being-an-80's-loving-weirdo, billie joe armstrong, catra from gods girls, chibi, colorful tattoos, conan o'brien, conan's bitchin' pompadour, conan's-bitchin-strike-beard, culture club, did-i-mention-i-liked-the-80s-?, disturbed, duran duran, emo music, everything 80's, fieldy, fieldy snutz, gods girls, green day, harry potter books, harry potter movies, heavy metal music, heroes, home alone, hot topic, jim gaffigan, jon davis, jonathan davis, katie suicide, korn, koЯn, late-night-with-conan-o'brien, loving everything 80's, matilda, metal-head-type-guys, milo ventimiglia, mohinder suresh, munky, music, my boyfriend, my chemical romance, my name is earl, napoleon dynamite, nbc's heroes, new wave music, nu-metal music, omd, peter petrelli, piercings, pretty in pink, punk rock music, rammstein, reading books, reginald/reggie arvizu-aka-fieldy, rocky, rocky balboa, rocky movies 1-6, roseanne, rubber bracelets, sendhil ramamurthy, serj tankian, shera suicide, shiny toy guns, suicide girls, sylar, synthpop music, system of a down, tattoos, tears for fears, the 1980's, the birthday massacre, the internet, the italian stallion, the office, troy polamalu, twilight series, uhf, weird al yankovic, willy-wonka-&-the-chocolate-factory, within temptation, zachary quinto
Schools:None listed
People7:startrek, trilobite, wan, wasabi, weirdalyankovic, whannell, zellywellywoowo
Account type:Early Adopter

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