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81+ Jan11
my name is autumn. i am 17 and i am in my second year of college. i started at 15 thanks to homeschool! i graduated early. =] i like playing guitar, drawing, photography and other artsy shit like that.


+ Mar31

if you're into making graphics, you should totally do this!

9+ Mar28
i'm just so done with most of this website. there are few people i enjoy talking to that i'm sure enjoys talking to me too. a lot of people on here are sketchy and bitchy and i'm just done with it. i was always convinced people on insanejournal don't care and people on lj are bitches but - and even though i'm mostly right about ij - the friends i've made on lj are nothing like that. i'm just tired of all the sketchy people on here. ugh.

if you want to add me on livejournal you can. i update it most. i'm not leaving here completely but i doubt i'll be as active.

1+ Aug30
hey you should go join [info]above since i post icons there now =D

for icon maker purposes bleh )