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User:luvahs (14805)
(no userpics)
Name:L o v e l y♥
Location:C*Town, West Virginia, United States
Bio:Mercedes Jaden-Ashley. 21. College Graduate. Ex wife. Single mother. Baby girl named Lyric born August 29, 2007. Girlfriend to Nick. Loving. Jealous type. Love to laugh. Love to have fun. Not enough words to describe who I am. If you want to know me, get to know me!
Interests:46: , aim, alcohol, aol, babies, baby clothes, baby names, candy, cats, celebrities, christmas, computers, dogs, driving, facebook, ferrets, fireworks, gilmore girls, ice cream, laughing, learning, love, magazines, monkeys, movies, msn, mtv, music, myspace, people, pictures, pink, rain, reading, road trips, sex, sleeping, snow, starbucks, summer, sunshine, taco bell, talking, vh1, water, winter
Communities4:100x100, chill, inkpen, sextalk
Member of:5: 100x100, crowded, inkpen, machete, sextalk
Account type:Early Free User

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