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User:roadie (10861)
The best friend a band could ever have..
never a groupie always a roadie
Location:Laurel, Maryland, United States
AOL IM:AIM status exxit stage (Add Buddy, Send Message)

Chelsie Jenelle Lloyd is my given name. Though most often I go by Cj. I was born on the last day, of the first month, in the last year of the eighties making me nineteen. I am outgoing, loud, caring, emotional, a music freak, a movie buff, obessed with too many things, lover, friend, the youngest of the family, an actress, an improviser, a musician, a girl.


I am a University of Maryland Terrapin. Thats right. I am from Maryland. I live between Washington D.C. and Baltimore. Maryland is an interesting place to live. We got a lot of things other people don't but then again Maryland has its downfalls. The Maryland local music scene is one of the most overlooked scenes. Maryland has always been my home and always will be my home.

I love: Local music, Hockey, Movies, Acting, Reading, Writing, Photography, Concerts, and Love.
I Hate: Fake Girls, Smoking, Ignorance and Drugs

Never give up and Never let go...
Memories1 entry
Schools:University of Maryland - College Park, MD (2007 - present)
People14:beckymarie, cocky, dandi, headlights, inspire, lawrencearms, ocean, pictures, poem, rumors, silhouettes, sparks, tennessee, wasabi
Communities2:scribbldink, tattoos
Friend of:12: beckymarie, ciao, dandi, headlights, inspire, lawrencearms, pictures, poem, rumors, silhouettes, sparks, tennessee
Member of:6: bitchbook, flame_cup, iconic, promote, scribbldink, tattoos
Account type:Early Adopter

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