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User:headlights (11508)
Name:headlights look like diamonds.
Location:New York, United States
My name is Amanda and nobody's ever called me anything other than that, really. Maybe you could cite "Amanda Panda" when I was tiny, and a few dreadful years in the pre-teens that I went by MaNdEe. I've never really been one for nicknames, possibly because I've never been good at them. I'm 19 years old but I like to go to jazz clubs in the city that pretend I'm 21 as long as I'm paying $8 a cosmopolitan. I live part time on Long Island and part time in Potsdam, though I'd like to eliminate the former altogether within the next year. I don't so much hate the area, I just can't stand being stuck in a windowless basement corner smaller than my dorm under the roof of my parents. Speaking of parents, mine are still together but stuck somewhere in limbo in regards to whether or not they really should be divorced. It's awkward. I talk about it often when I'm stuck surrounded by it. In my other life, I attend SUNY Potsdam for Music Business and I adore every second of the obnoxiously cold air and the complete lack of local things to do. I'm not exactly good at classical singing yet but I'm working on it. I'm not going to say "music is my life" though I probably have more of a right to than most given that it's a massive part of my major. I do appreciate music of all shapes, sizes, colors, patterns, etc. I listen to a good deal of it but I always love learning more. Try me. The people I associate with are some of the most beautiful and loving people in existence. Fact. My love life is terribly unpredictable which sometimes drives me crazy but never leaves me bored. I really can't complain, or rather I shouldn't, but I do. Even if I had it all figured out I'd probably still complain. Wouldn't we all? I'm big on photography. I spend a good deal of money on polaroid film and new goodies for my Rebel XT. Actually, it's safe to say that's where the vast majority of my money goes, but it's something I adore so I feel justified in my (somewhat excessive) spending. Did I mention I have virtually no money? Also fact. I am afraid of tidal waves, swallowing pills, and forgetting. I love soft blankets, post-it note reminders, and life changing conversations with 3-year-olds. I never eat cereal with milk. I find beauty in two trucks making a left and right turn at the same time on a small street. I smile for no reason sometimes. It's nice to finally feel like I'm headed in the right direction. There are so many things about me that sound awfully cliché and I wish I could assure you otherwise. Find out for yourself.
Interests:2: breathing, etc
Schools:None listed
People5:athena, doe, juggy, midnight, roadie
Friend of:4: athena, juggy, midnight, roadie
Member of:1: photos
Account type:Early Adopter

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