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User:tinkerbell_ (11674)


Join this rating communitys :)

Interests:43: birthdays, cars, cell phone, clothes, coffee, country, csi, dresses, driving, emos, family, fashion, four weeling, freedom, friends, getting mail, hate, hellogoodbye, laptops, love, muddin, music, pageants, partys, pictures, piercings, rings, rodeos, shoes, shopping, sleeping, snuggling, spaceballs, starbucks, swim suits, swimming, tanning, tattoos, texting, the goonies, trucks, weekends, wizard of oz
Schools:North High School - Eau Claire, WI
People9:61_keys_to_play, dandi, gaybars, katyo, popbottles, rumors, soul, tinkerbell_, xo_bs
Communities7:equations, flamecup, harsh, honorcup, pet_me, superlative, truefax
Friend of:10: 61_keys_to_play, alliebon1415, dandi, gaybars, katyo, party, popbottles, rumors, tinkerbell_, xo_bs
Member of:5: flamecup, harsh, honorcup, pet_me, superlative
Account type:Early Adopter

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