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User:highfidelity (13316)
Hey Little Sister,
What's Mine Is Yours.
Name:What's Mine Is Yours

Extended Info

[info]sidewalkvocals/[info]pizzacutter on GreatestJournal.
[info]sidewalkvocals on LiveJournal.
Layout made by [info]allmydreams_ @ GJ.
Extended info layout made by [info]skankster @ GJ.

Also: If I have used a layout/any icons by you and you have a different username, I accidentally didn't credit you (because I didn't know who made it, etc.), let me know. I'll do it up right away. :)
Interests:10: film noir, ice cream, learning, letters to cleo, love, opera, oranges, piano, poetry, serial killers
People20:create, dandi, drug, goldensnitch, gutterslut, heartbeats, highfidelity, juggy, lawyer, mightyheart, ocean, pandolfo, pocahontas, popbottles, pygmypuffle, rambo, ricia, rumors, shinimegami, snapple
Communities4:flame_cup, flamecup, honor_cup, honorcup
Mutual Friends:15: create, dandi, drug, goldensnitch, gutterslut, heartbeats, highfidelity, juggy, lawyer, pocahontas, popbottles, pygmypuffle, ricia, rumors, snapple
Also Friend of:3: dumbledore, legs, natalieclaire
Member of:4: flame_cup, flamecup, honor_cup, honorcup
Account type:Early Adopter

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