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User:natalieclaire (13679)
(no userpics)
Name:natalie claire
Bio:my name is natalie, and i'm finally 19, party hard. i'm a student, a cashier, and by night i save the world in spandex suit. i have four fantastic best friends, and one superb boyfriend. my cell phone is bulky, my ipod is broken, my laptop is slow, my car makes funny noises, my school bag is always too heavy, but i wake up most mornings with a smile. i have an obsession with aritzia, the sims and new games for my ds. my world also revolves slightly around harry potter, the backstreet boys, and television.

i'm nice, so let's be friends.

peace, love, and pomegranate seeds.
Schools:None listed
People12:armsliketowers, cranium, dandi, dessen, goldensnitch, heartbeats, highfidelity, lickthepavement, midnight, opera, rambo, spine
Friend of:7: cranium, dandi, dessen, goldensnitch, heartbeats, midnight, spine
Member of:1: thrashground
Account type:Early Free User

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