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Community Information

Below is information about the "∂σσ∂ℓє ∂єѕιgиѕ" community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:doodle (11680)
тυяи ιт υρ
Name:∂σσ∂ℓє ∂єѕιgиѕ
Website:ℓυ¢к αт ѕ¢яιввℓ∂
Location:New Jersey, United States

☆∂σσ∂ℓє ∂єѕιgиѕ ву ℓυ¢к☆

welcome to [info]doodle! this community is owned and maintained by [info]luck. please read the information below before joining the community!

doodle is a community where i will be posting textless icons, requestables and regular icons. there is a possibility that i will be posting layouts and profile layouts from time to time as well. you do not need to ask to be added, just click "join this community" with doing this you are agreeing to the rules and you will respect that i took the time out of my day to make these icons for you! please credit properly and enjoy them!

most of my icons that i post will consist of things that i'm interested in. these things including disney, celebrities, pirates of the caribbean, harry potter and such. i'm always open for suggestions of what you'd like to see so don't be afraid to ask! also i do take personal requests when i set up a post! do not just comment asking for them i will not honor these requests!

one. credit is a must! if i post a layout or a profile layout please leave credit intact! if you are using any icons i have posted or i have made for you please make sure you credit in the keywords. you may either credit [info]luck or [info]doodle

two. always comment and tell me what you are taking!

three. do not hot link/direct link my graphics! please upload them to your own server!

four. do not re-distribute, change, edit, or customize my work.

five. when posting a request please make sure to follow the rules within the post.

if i catch you breaking any of these rules you will be banned no warning given.


To become an affiliate, comment [info]luck.
Members:27: appeasing, batmanda, brownie, caffeine, chuckles, cutiefreak, deathsentence, drug, fiasco, glamorousqueen, gulf, heartfelt, hilary, infidelity, inspire, jealous, kiss, kissys, ladyfresh, mel, monument, poetics, smoke, songbird, sounds, tiptoes, val0
Watched by:20: appeasing, batmanda, brownie, chuckles, cutiefreak, glamorousqueen, gulf, heartfelt, hilary, inspire, jealous, kiss, kissys, ladyfresh, monument, poetics, smoke, songbird, sounds, val0
Account type:Early Adopter

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