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User:grumpiebear (14985)
didn't i rock you when i loved you.
Interests:60: acrylic nails, basketball, being called beautiful, being sarcastic, black and white photos, cuddling, diamond bracelets, diamond rings, diamonds in general, dreaming, driving, eeyore, feeling important, forehead kisses, free thinking, god, graphic tees, greatestjournal, green apple lip gloss, holding hands, honesty, hope, html, hugs, imagination, inner beauty, instant messages, intellectual conversation, intelligence, kisses, knowledge, laughing, long bubble baths, love, lyrics, manicures, memories, my car, myspace, originality, orlando, pastel colors, perfume, pictures, piercings, pink, rambling, romance novels, success, sweet candy, tattoos, text messages, the north end, tongue rings, vanilla lotion, watching movies, you and me; ಌ, , ,
People11:beckymarie, country, desiired, ditzy, enchanted_love, flirty, grumpiebear, over, plastichearts, supersaurousrex, yourtune
Communities6:addme, askhere, conquered, easy, fontaddicts, spearssource
Account type:Early Free User

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