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User:ohcupcake (34636)
(no userpics)
Location:Arkansas, United States

a girl . twenty four . arkansas . proud mommy of a beautiful boy

Interests:109: 7th heaven, 80s, a walk to remember, american eagle, angels, anklets, babies, baking, bath and body works, being myself, birthdays, body sprays, bubbles, butterflies, candles, cell phones, chapstick, christian, claires, classic rock, clogs, colorbars, comedy, computers, cooking, country, crafts, crocheting, csi, csi miami, cuddling, dale earnhardt, dale jr, disney, diy projects, dolphins, fairytales, family, flip flops, flowers, friends, gelpens, glitter, graphic design, hockey, homeschooling, hoodies, hot tea, iced tea, jewelry, journals, laptops, lotion, lotions, love, makeup, marriage, mc flurries, meeting new people, milkshakes, moms, motherhood, mothers, nascar, nintendo wii, online shopping, paintshop pro, parenting, pastel, perfumes, photography, photoshop, piercings, pink, pogo, popples, preemies, pregnancy, preschoolers, purple, purses, raspberry iced tea, roses, sales, saving money, scrapbooking, sewing, sex, short, smarties, snow, snowmobiles, star gazing, stars, sunsets, tattoos, that 70s show, the sims 2, tim hortons, to do lists, toddlers, twitter, ultima online, video games, web design, work at home moms, world of warcraft, xoxo,
People2:news, system
Communities8:100x100, addme, askhere, motherhood, promote, promoting, scribbld_top5, tutorials
Account type:Early Free User

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