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Community Information

Below is information about the "For every mother ಌ" community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:motherhood (23442)
(no userpics)
Name:For every mother ಌ
Theme:Young Moms, Old Moms, Moms to be, Adopting & TTC.

//Mods --

//Rules --

&! I'm sorry but members that join that have new or inactive journals will be removed.

&! Please remember to fill out the Member Introduction and post it into the group after you've joined.

&! For name changes please post in Name Changes, and follow the instructions on the post.

&! Long entries must be placed behind a lj-cut. This includes long stories and large or many photos.

&! If you have a problem with a member in anyway please PM the MOD with the members name and the problem.

&! Do not spam or promote your journals or communities in your comments or posts. If you would like to become an affiliate here then please just fill out the form under the affiliates section and PM it to the MOD.

&! Do not alter the application in any way. If you do not have an answer for one of the questions then leave it blank.

//Introductions --
Please remember to fill this out and post it into the group after you've joined.

Interests:143: activities, add me, adoptees, adoption, adult, advice, alternative parenting, angels, attachment parenting, babies, baby, baby activites, baby boys, baby einstien, baby girls, baby names, baby products, baby toys, babysitters, barney, baths, beauty, beds, bedtime stories, being loved, birth, birthdays, bottle feeding, bottlefeeding, boy, breastfeeding, c-sections, child birth, child development, children, co-sleeping, communities, conception, crafting, crafts, cribs, curves, dad, daddy, dads, daughters, daycare, delivery, diapers, discussions, down syndrome, education, elementary school, family, fatherhood, fathers, first born, first steps, food, formula, friends, friendship, gay parenting, gerber, girls, grandparents, healthy babies, healthy children, healthy kids, homemakers, homeschooling, honesty, hospitals, huggies, hugs, infants, kids, kids activities, kindergarten, kisses, labor, laughing, life, living, love, making friends, marriage, maternity, meeting new people, miscarriage, mommies, mommy, moms, morning sickness, motherhood, mothering, mothers, mums, nannies, nap time, natural childbirth, new moms, nursery, nursing, other moms, pacifiers, parenting, parents, passion, photos, pictures, pre-school, pregnancy, pregnant, pregnant bellies, pregnat, reading, sahm, sids, single dads, single moms, single parent, single parenting, single parentings, sonograms, sons, special needs, stay at home, stillbirth, stories, stretch marks, summer, teen moms, teen parents, toddlers, trying to concieve, twins, ultrasound, vaginal birth, women, working moms, young moms,
Maintainers:1: ohcupcake
Members:1: ohcupcake
Account type:Early Free User

(more details...)

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