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User:kissing (11662)
(no userpics)
I do wanna love you, I do wanna try. ♥
GREATEST: pinkLIVE: sweeteypieINSANE: flirtsCOMMIE: loved
Interests:41: 11:11 wishies, akon, animals, babie chloe, baby phat, bein' canadian, bigbrother usa, boys, cbreezy, chanel, cream soda slushes, cruising `round, csi, cuddling, cute fairytales, degrassi: the next generation, desperate housewives, family moments, ghost whisperer, hiphop/r&b/pop, house md, juicy couture, kisses, late nights, lipgloss, little kiddie shows, makeup, movies, music, photoshop, puppy clothes, purses, roeybear, shoes, shopping, sillyness, the color pink, the hsm cast, the simple life, txtmsg, yorkie puppys
People7:batmanda, feminine, funk, lustfool, luvrr, prisongates, romancee
Communities6:askhere, bedtalks, donut, flamecup, glitters, honorcup
Account type:Early Adopter

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