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User:bellamasen (14281)
Location:Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States
AOL IM:AIM status bells cullen (Add Buddy, Send Message)


Born on December Eighteenth Ninety Eighty Six. Yes. That would make me 21. I am a small girl with impractical dreams. I try to follow my heart, but my heart leads me to the wrong place most of the time. I say I like to have fun, but sometimes my type of fun isn't your type of fun. I like to think and read. I don't always defend myself. I won't sit here and tell you how bad-ass I am, because I'm not. I hate fights and confrontation. But when I do fight, it's because I either A) feel comfortable with you enough to let you really know what I think. or B) Really believe in what I'm fighting for. I'm Irish, so I have the Irish temper. I am Native American also. I do tend to see everything as a spirit. I do not say "Let's pray to the rain Gods." Because I do not believe in that. I believe there is only one God and you must have a realationship with God to get to Heaven. I believe Jesus did die on the cross for our sins. I am a freaking Goody Goody Too-Shoes and I don't care what you think. I can be funny when I want to be funny. I can be extremely random when I want to be extremely random. I am crazy. I am a hopeless romantic. I do believe that every cloud has a silver lining. I also believe that I have the greatest friends on earth. I love my friends. I am in college right now. I over analyze everything I say or do. I have one younger brother, and he is one of the only people I trust with everything in my life. He and I are so totally different, but exactly the same. I am single. (call me.) I want to meet the one guy that will change my mind about guys. The one guy that whenever I see him I just think "How did I ever live without him?" Basically I am me.

Interests:27: abercrombie, american eagle, billy gilman, boys, cameras, clothes, college, dancing, disney, eye shadow, friends, gossip girl, gymnastics, icons, iphones, jesse mccartney, joe jonas, jonas brothers, kevin jonas, lipgloss, love, make up, nick jonas, paint shop pro, photoshop, romance, shopping
Schools:None listed
People14:cosmic, elizabethtown, enchanted_love, fiasco, headlines, lickthepavement, loved, marionette, monkers, news, plastichearts, pygmypuffle, ricia, smoothie
Communities6:100x100, donut, fontaddicts, sextalk, thrashground, twilightfans
Friend of:12: cosmic, elizabethtown, enchanted_love, fiasco, headlines, lickthepavement, marionette, monkers, plastichearts, pygmypuffle, ricia, smoothie
Member of:6: 100x100, donut, fontaddicts, sextalk, thrashground, twilightfans
Account type:Early Free User

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