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User:sonetlumiere (21024)
You can wake up now, the universe has ended.
Name:post-modern sleaze.
Location:Texas, United States

I'm open to falling from grace.
Interests:150: 2001: a space odyssey, a beautiful mind, a clockwork orange, aaliyah, alfred hitchcock, almost famous, american beauty, american history x, amy winehouse, aromatherapy, art, asexuality, at the drive-in, atmosphere, back to the future, bat for lashes, being alone, bjork, blackout, boy meets world, britney spears, catcher in the rye, christina aguilera, chuck palahniuk, citizen kane, clark gable, creative writing, cunninlynguists, daft punk, david lachapelle, daydreaming, dazed and confused, dead kennedys, dead like me, death from above 1979, deftones, depeche mode, donnie darko, dr. pepper, duran duran, e! true hollywood stories, e.e. cummings, eccentricity, edgar allan poe, edward norton, edward scissorhands, el-p, elvis presley, fashion, fear-and-loathing-in-las-vegas, fight club, film history, flight of the conchords, forensics, frank zappa, gael garcia bernal, garden state, girl interrupted, girls aloud, go ask alice, gorillaz, graphic design, green tea, high fidelity, hipbones, holden caulfield, imperfections, incubus, introspection, invisible monsters, jake gyllenhaal, james dean, jim sturgess, jimi hendrix, john lennon, journalism, kanye west, latin, lcd soundsystem, led zeppelin, lindsay lohan, literature, lupe fiasco, m.i.a., mahavishnu orchestra, marilyn monroe, mark ronson, massive attack, mean girls, metropolis, mind games, mindless self indulgence, muse, never mind the buzzcocks, nine inch nails, nylon magazine, ohnotheydidnt @ livejournal, oscar wilde, oxymorons, peace, phish, pink floyd, plane rides, pleasantville, porcupine tree, postsecret, primal fear, primus, proper grammar, radiohead, rear window, rebel without a cause, religions, robert deniro, sarcasm, saul williams, seven, shiny toy guns, silence, simon amstell, simon and garfunkel, simplicity, sneaker pimps, spice girls, stanley kubrick, taxi driver, that 70's show, the addams family, the beatles, the boondocks, the breakfast club, the butterfly effect, the doors, the flaming lips, the mars volta, the moody blues, the pretty things, the royal tenenbaums, the shining, the simpsons, the smiths, the virgin suicides, the wonder years, the zombies, trippy stuff, tv on the radio, winter, wolfmother, yellow submarine, zen
Schools:None listed
People4:jimmy, news, sonetlumiere, system
Communities4:addme, literature, sextalk, spearssource
Account type:Early Free User

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