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User:zeppelined (36841)
Name:rolling out sound at the beat of a drum

About me

yangire immune system. got bit by a corkscrew tick, the rest is history. they set us up the bomb. company owner and founder of chaostica hause. artist, novelist, sister, raising my youngest brother. absolutely takes no shit, so if you think you'll stir some, please find another journal to friend. otherwise, very friendly. co-founded and now co-editor of nyaabari scans, which scans nabari no ou.


dubbed the local hiphop head with a lean on the scene. proficient in computers and using this to my advantage. obsessed with many bands and fanworks, gorillaz is just how i choose to present myself at the moment. training to become a breakbox dj, movie background synths, hip-hop lyrica and rap battle mc. of course, all of this is my nightly play, my day job will be in musical therapy. proficient in electric melodica, relearning keyboard synth through the use of the amazingly retro keytar. learning electric viola for the first time. trained cello and the melodica with right handed suzuki method. currently using a modded kid's toy to shock and shoot out my beats with a shout to your eardrums. abusing my brothers' proficiencies in clarinet and drums. fuck yeah, can you tell i'm musically inclined?

The music tracks above, while obviously not my own work, are a grand example of part of what I'm aiming for. Synth it real, baby.


evangelion, fuckers.


"the most important thing
is to listen to a recording of the music.

it makes them gain a musical sense
and gets to the point of fast progress

and also.. every day..every lesson...
we have to make sure they're not lying about
tunization" -left handed suzuki method, gorillaz


profile layout credit

Interests:18: anime, digimon, etc et al, game boy, gaming, gorillaz, lyricism, manga, music, music mixing, oldies, omg mebbe u, pokemon, que sera sera, retro gaming, roleplay, vocaloid, writing
Schools:None listed
People4:jimmy, morgan, news, system
Communities4:addme, animeicontest, bitchbook, sextalk
Member of:4: addme, animeicontest, bitchbook, sextalk
Account type:Early Free User

(more details...)

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