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User:black_ice (15458)
(¯`·._.·[Wild Child]·._.·´¯)
A happy-go-lucky child dressed in black
Location:Toa Alta, Puerto Rico, United States
This journal is Friends Only! If you want to add me read and comment on This entry. Or just add me and I will add you back.

[Beg to your Master]
All right everyone, welcome to my journal, name's Jeniffer but most everyone calls me either Jen or Jenny, take your pick I don't mind at all which one you address me by. I'm 21 years old but I can be either very childish or old, it all depends on my mood. Currently I'm studying Graphic Arts, I have no real solid idea as to what exactly I want to do for the rest of my life. It were up to me I'd be in an Industrial/Electronic band or not studying at all but you can't have everything ^.~
Mostly I am just sitting back and from the experience in school is what I'm making out as a sort of map for what I want. Till now I'm actually focused on magazine articles. I guess after a while I really liked working with Quark lol

I'm extremely laid back and mellow, it would take too much to get me angry but when I do get angry, believe me, it's not a pretty picture. I'm extremely open-minded and open to new opinions, ideas, theories, comments and such. I'll try anything once and if I like it, I'll keep going at it. I also tolerate much but to an extend. Rudeness will get you nowhere with me, that and adding pressure on me. You add the pressure, I kick your ass.

On another note I'm not into religion. I'm not an Atheist since I do believe in some sort of higher being/power but I'm not either Christian or anything else for that matter, I just have certain believes. If you want to remain on my side please restrain yourself from trying to "convert" me into your believes. I will hear out your opinions, theories and ideas but do not try to turn me to them. Let's just keep things educational.

I have many obsessions of which I never get tired of. My number one obsession is my Dark Lord and Master, Carlos, my sweet, sweet boyfriend who I love more than anything or anyone in this world. He is actually my first...well EVERYTHING. We've been together now for a year as of July 16, 2006. I have several pictures of him in the picture gallery...but he doesn't know that *giggles*
Another one of my obsessions is music, it's basically what keeps me going besides Carlos. It runs through my veins. I'm into a lot of bands and lots of genres. I have an extensive library of 3,100+ MP3s.

Music = Life

Amongst my favorite genres are Industrial, Electronic, Darkelectro, Death Metal, Black Metal, Doom Metal, Dark Wave, Heavenly Voices and others. Top favorite bands are Dimmu Borgir, XP8, God Dethroned, Suicide Commando, Tristania and oh so many, many, many more.

I'm also somewhat of a bookworm. I love to read, just stirs up my mind and imagination and it inspires me since I'm also very passionate about writing. I've been writing since I was 14 years old and since then I've written my own material, fanfictions, poetry and songs. Also, I enjoy drawing, I have an account on DeviantART just for that, but in all honesty I don't really think I'm good at drawing but I try my best and have fun with it. Usually, I just draw or what I also enjoy, Photomanipulations. For the past couple of months I've done several works of this nature. As far as art goes, I also love making icons, banners and other graphics, one thing I don't know how and hope to learn someday is to make layouts and web pages.

I'm into a lot of things for example: Wrestling! Ever since my boyfriend got me hooked on this I've been a fan. Favorite all time wrestler has got to be The Rated R Superstar: Edge. I also like The Legend Killer: Randy Orton, Carlito, The Whole Fucking Show!, Tommy Dreamer, The Sandman, Sabu and many others.
Besides WWE, I also like SmackDown and ECW and also TNA and UFC.
I also love Anime. I am somewhat picky as to what to watch and like, unlike Carlos who actually decided one time to sit and watch any and all Anime he came across whether it sucked or not. Currently I'm really into BLEACH. I'm also very and I mean VERY into Hentai. I love it! Yes, I'm a pervert and damn proud of it! I also like porn but not as much as Hentai but porn is very good. Could learn a thing or two *sly giggle*
I've been actually learning a lot about porn through my boyfriend.

So basically, that's me in a nutshell. Of course this is nothing that'll really let you know who I am since no Biography regardless of detail or length will ever sum up a person. But this will do just fine and reading the entries will also help a lot too.

[Take my lust]
This section right here is to credit all people and/or websites that I have downloaded brushes, textures and any other graphic materials from. At the moment I am 100% sure of the websites listed here but I do have some brushes who's origins I have either forgotten or I lost the link. If you spot a brush, texture or some other graphic material that I have used here that belongs to you let me know and I will give the proper credit.
Celestial Star
Shad0w-GFX @ DeviantART
PhotoShop Brushes
Obsidian Dawn
FEEL resources

[Meet me in my lust lair]
---Other places in the net I can be found in---
Ashyboy Forums (Shadow of Ash)
GreatestJournal ~Friends Only~
Last FM (MechAndroid)

[Enjoy the Abuse]
MechAndroid's Profile Page
Interests:149: aggrotech, air, alice in wonderland, alienware, altoshipping, american mcgee's alice, anal beads, anal sex, androids, angst, anime, anti-censorship, apparitions, art, ash ketchum, autumn, bdsm, biomechanical, biomechanics, black, black orchids, black roses, blindfolds, blood, blowjobs, bondage, butt plugs, butterflies, candles, celtic, chains, computers, controversy, corsets, crows, cyber goth, cyberpunk, dark arts, dark ash ketchum, dark wave, darkelectro, darkness, death, deicide, dimmu borgir, dominatrix, donnie darko, dragonflies, dragons, drawing, dreams, ecw, edge, electric, electric blue, electronica, eroguro, erotic asphyxiation, europe, faeries, fallen angels, fantasy, female domination, female submission, fetish, foamy the squirrel, gas masks, german, germany, girl on girl, god dethroned, goth, goth arts, goth metal, goth rock, gothic, graphics, graves, h.r. giger, handcuffs, harry potter, hellsing, hentai, industrial, industrial music, invader zim, kingdom hospital, knives, languages, macabre, machinery, machines, magick, male domination, male submission, mechanical, mechanics, metalocalypse, midnight, moon, music, mythology, nature, night, pagan, photography, photoshop, poems, pokémon, porn, pro-choice, pyramid head, rain, ravens, razors, rough sex, runes, s&m, sadomasochism, serial experiments lain, sex, sex toys, shadowbindshipping, sheep, silent hill, silver, spells, spirits, stars, stories, suicide, switchblade symphony, team rated rko, tears, terrorfakt, the addams family, the crow, torn plush toys, torn teddy bears, vampires, video games, werewolves, whips, wicca, winter, witchcraft, wolves, writing, yuri
Schools:None listed
People5:eloquence, jimmy, lawton_anime, news, system
Mutual Friends:1: lawton_anime
Account type:Early Free User

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