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User:erzulie (22156)
You're not alone...
... together we stand...
Name:Erzulie Dantor
Interests:113: , aeons, aerith, animals, anime, art, beaches, books, buffy, candles, celebrities, celtic traditions, chocolate, comic books, computers, creativity, csi, dancing, david bowie, daydreaming, demons, diana gabaldon, disney, doyle, drawing, dreams, dvds, elphaba, ewan mcgregor, faeries, fairy tales, fanart, fanfiction, fantasy, fashion, final fantasy, firefly, foreign languages, forests, friends, gay pride, girls, glitter, graphic design, graphics, harry potter, highlander, horror movies, icons, idina menzel, internet, ireland, jamie fraser, japanese food, johnny depp, joss, kairi, kingdom hearts, labyrinth, laura bell bundy, legally blonde, letters, logic, love, manhunt, math, men with glasses, mountains, movies, musicals, nature, new age, nightcrawler, nightmare, originality, paperhouse, phantom of the opera, phoenix wright, photography, project runway, queer as folk, rent, resident evil, roleplaying, roxas, runes, sad music, scotland, serenity, sex, shopping, singing, sleep, snuggling, spirituality, star wars, storms, sunsets, tarot cards, traveling, trips, video games, water, wicca, wicked, wicked the musical, wilson jermaine heredia, winter, witchboards, wizard of oz, wolverine, writing, x-men
Schools:None listed
People12:diaochan, distilledcharm, eevee, erzulie, ginabites, himemiya, keyblade, onedaymore, realhorrorshow, rei, surfs, whistlerr
Communities7:addme, bitchbook, dear_you, flamecup, iamthe, sextalk, sketchpad
Mutual Friends:12: diaochan, distilledcharm, eevee, erzulie, ginabites, himemiya, keyblade, onedaymore, realhorrorshow, rei, surfs, whistlerr
Also Friend of:1: alazif
Member of:9: addme, bitchbook, dear_you, flamecup, iamthe, lmaoaim, rants, sextalk, sketchpad
Account type:Early Free User

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