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User:missamerica (13016)
Location:Florida, United States

your cowboy hat, my tutu
you hide and seek, i catch you
why can't we be how we were in the backyard
simple days of hand in hand
and drawing our names in the sand

Interests:26: anthropologie, bathing suits 24/7, beach instead of school, being photographer, college, cute little boutiques, dressing down, dressing up, fashion, food, good weather, layers, laying out, long drives, longgg jeans, malibu & pineapple juice, maryjane :), more food, nip/tuck, norml, sienna miller, sleeping all day, spending money, sweatshirts, tan skin, teen vogue
Schools:None listed
People4:loveandpink, pure, rocketship, titjobs
Friend of:4: loveandpink, pure, rocketship, titjobs
Member of:1: sextalk
Account type:Early Adopter

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