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User:lyssa (15951)
vixen crazy, aphid attraction.
Location:Pennsylvania, United States
i'm clumsy. i drop things. i trip and fall a lot. i have really bad hearing. i have really crappy vision and never wear my glasses. i repeat myself. i get really loud when i'm excited and really reclusive when i'm upset. i forget almost everything. i swear too much and say things at the wrong time. i never answer my phone. i'm immature and perverted.
Interests:41: ancient egypt, asian food, astrology, autumn, body modification, cats, coffee, costumes, dachshunds, dalmatians, death's head hawkmoths, disney villians, elephants, ferrets, forensics, giraffes, hoodies, human anatomy, huskies, incense, koi, latin phrases, mortal kombat, necklaces, octopi, panthers, piercings, pokemon, psychology, rainbow stuff, sketching, snakes, soul calibur, steelers, taking pictures, tattoos, tea, venice, venus fly traps, video games, zebras
Account type:Early Free User

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