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User:kickflip (27725)
Location:Bang my, Congo
AOL IM:AIM status kimberlyx82 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Traveling, swallowing dramamine
Look on your face like you died in a dream
Interests:37: acid, alcohol, atmosphere, bear vs. shark, blunts, butterflies, chevy, concerts, cursive, drugs, fast cars, gemini, guns, gym class heroes, hed pe, hippies, horror movies, innerpartysystem, laughing, lupe fiasco, making out, marijuana, midnight, modest mouse, peace, phish, sage francis, scott mckenzie, sex, shiny toy guns, sixties, smiles, third eye blind, traxamillion, trucks, yonder mountain string band, zac brown band
Schools:None listed
People7:hitler, jimmy, kickflip, morgan, news, realhorrorshow, system
Account type:Early Free User

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