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User:behindthesea (22283)
I have a long list of things to say, but I'll leave it at
you amaze me
Name:Kat Hooper
Location:407, Florida, United States
Bio:With a lack of self esteem, I walked into my teens.
And now, six years later,
I'm still frustrated.
I'm still not who I want to be.
Interests:23: affirmed, boys, brendon urie, comedy, concerts, dressage, equestrian, equitation, greg garbo, hollister co, horse racing, horseback riding, horses, hunter/jumper, i am america, jonas brothers, music, ryan ross, shows, stephen colbert, the colbert report, thoroughbreds, you.
People13:61_keys_to_play, 6385, dandi, daynalove, dessen, goldensnitch, kaycelei, kelmo, lovers, party, rambo, roniah, snapple
Mutual Friends:9: 61_keys_to_play, dandi, dessen, goldensnitch, kelmo, lovers, party, roniah, snapple
Member of:1: promote
Account type:Early Free User

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