There is only one Truth

Can you believe it?

10/7/08 04:51 pm

Can't believe it. It's such a pleasant surprise that free accounts have 20 userpics space when I log into this account after long time interval while my early adopter account has 200 userpics space! ♥

And mind you, this is more than what LJ plus account can offer. If only the page can load faster. I'll upload more icons to my two Scribbld accounts this coming weekend.

2/21/08 09:04 pm

just testing.. still feeling insecured.

2/11/08 09:07 pm

Lunch yesterday... High tea at a relative's house...

Dinner yesterday.... laksa at a foodcourt...

2/9/08 04:18 pm

Went to Sentosa yesterday...


2/7/08 08:52 am

Happiness is determined by how you persuade yourself, and NOT by how people influence you.

2/7/08 08:48 am


2/6/08 07:16 am

I'm so thrilled~! ♥ According to [info]jimmy, videos are now able to be embedded in posts just like LJ, I'm gonna post some videos in future if there are any interesting ones out there! XDDDDDD

Oh and I've just disabled showing of userpics on recent entries since there are only 6 userpics in this account.

2/3/08 10:00 pm - New layout

Have just amended this account with Detective Conan theme background. Feeling a sense of accomplishment. Tee hee hee, can't be helped coz I really love this anime/manga. Besides, I'm chasing this manga right now.

1/23/08 02:38 pm

This journal is created in response to the same username that I have been actively using in livejournal and GJ.
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