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User:peacesign (11011)
She's got a little bit of something, God, it's better than nothing.
Interests:23: 80's movies, corny compliments, country music, crazy people, denver, dreaming, driving, hearing your smile, helping others, inner strength, intelligent individuals, laughing at myself, learning, loud music, loving, mb, pab, photographs, proving people wrong, reading absolutely anything, running, whateva, writing
Schools:None listed
People13:bouncy, delight, director, lovers, peacesign, poppies, preppy, rhinestone, surfs, turquoise, uhoh, vertebrae, warisover
Communities4:addme, myspacers, sonant, spearssource
Friend of:11: bouncy, delight, director, lovers, peacesign, rhinestone, surfs, turquoise, uhoh, vertebrae, warisover
Member of:4: addme, myspacers, sonant, spearssource
Account type:Early Adopter

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