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User:thevinylrevolt (28628)
Rejoice despite the fact this world will tear you to shreds
Rejoice because you're trying your best
Website:tweet tweet tweet
Location:Orlando, Florida, United States
AOL IM:AIM status odayglowo (Add Buddy, Send Message)

We are not slaves to the music.

I'm thevinylrevolt on InsaneJournal, too.
Ain't it.

Interests:48: 112a teesdale st, andrew jackson jihad, arctic monkeys, arrested development, barnie's coffee & tea, beatles, bill mosely, bizarre foods, bob dylan, bomb the music industry, camille rose garcia, cattanooga cats, dexter, elliott smith, freaks, french ye-ye, gore, guillermo del toro, harrison ford, horror movies, house, jason bateman, knitting, make-up artistry, mike rowe, mitch hedberg, movies, photoshoots, pin up girls, prosthetic make-up, quentin tarantino, repo!, rob zombie, robert rodriguez, saturday morning cartoons, shaun of the dead, sin city, spaced, special effect make-up, tale of two sisters, tattoos, the genetic rock opera, the libertines, the walking dead, trainspotting, two for the road, wavy chitlin gravy, zombies
Schools:None listed
People8:headspin, jimmy, moon_river, morgan, news, realhorrorshow, rubby, system
Communities3:addme, nudity, wrotedown
Mutual Friends:3: moon_river, realhorrorshow, rubby
Account type:Early Free User

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