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User:breakthehatter (66555)
I Smile Owing To You
the road now leads onward
Bio:Random journal dump for my personal stuff.

I talk a lot about random life and my issues so don't friend if you don't want to hear blather about nothing and whining about issues; I'm kinda funny (most of the time) but I also get depressed and dump stuff here.

This journal is FRIENDS ONLY. Sorry.
Interests:23: anime, anime conventions, art, aywas, cats, chaos, china, comicking, dancing, hetalia, humor, irreverence, manga, pandora hearts, randomness, roleplaying, smartaleck, snark, walking, webcomics, wolves, writing, xerxes break
Schools:None listed
People2:news, system
Communities4:addme, iamthe, original_fic, sketchpad
Member of:4: addme, iamthe, original_fic, sketchpad
Account type:Early Free User

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