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User:teazombie (18561)
Synthetic Sleep

Interests:49: animation movies, art, boondock saints, chaos magic, comics, copics, dante, devil may cry, drawing, dreaming, dropkick murphys, dspd, dsps, dyed hair, erotica, finntroll, flogging molly, folklore, graveyards, green eyes, harry potter, hellblazer, internet, kingdom hearts, lightning, loki, night, oi, opencanvas, oscar wilde, painting, pansexual, pin ups, play station, punk, rain, sex pistols, sketching, sleep disorders, stiff little fingers, stories, tarot, tattoos, tea, thunder, tim burton, vergil, witchcraft, yaoi
Schools:None listed
People3:jimmy, news, system
Communities3:addme, sketchpad, tattoos
Member of:3: addme, sketchpad, tattoos
Account type:Early Free User

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