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1/26/09 12:47 am - 06. Oh Shit

My floor is full of crap. Insane amounts of papers lie around everywhere, so how come I manage to slip on absolutely nothing? Thankfully I only wrecked a dvd cover in the fall. My PS3 was standing right beside... fuck, if I'd hit it I'd be in so much anguish right now, instead of just in pain. Gotta put it somewhere safer now... bad bad mental images of broken shiny blackness haunting my mind. Not good. Uh, gonna have some problem stepping on my right foot a little while. Gah.

1/23/09 12:05 am - 05.

There's no point in asking if you're not gonna listen to the answers you get.

1/18/09 11:16 pm - 04. Living After Midnight

Øøøøh... I should probably come up with a new name for my journal. My sleep's no longer synthetic.

1/18/09 07:53 am - 03. Keep On Galloping

I can't seem to stick to updating any of my blogs regularly, not since gj. I'd love to, but for some reason I just end freezing up in front of the keyboard not knowing what to say. Maybe it's cause my life has been consisting of so little the last couple of years. There haven't been a lot going on at all. The lack of sleep have pretty much ruined everything, there were no energy left. Now I'm sleeping blissfully good, and there's plenty of energy- but alas I'm unemployed and don't have a whole lot of money to spend, so I end up being alone with little to tell about anyway. I hope this extra cash I got will enable me to get a bus card and a gym membership so I'll be able to get out more, and burn some energy. That would've been neato, I miss working out.

Man I really gotta find a job, but sleeping in till 4-5pm really isn't helping. I think I'll try to keep a fake earlier rhythm for a while till I have a living of sorts. I can't live like this forever. Plus I should probably have my teeth checked soon, I haven't been to the dentist since it was free to go. Ages and eons ago. I'm not going back to a life with early mornings, that's for sure... but why does it have to be so hard to find a job that's at night? If only I knew how to drive. Ah well, despite the whining rant of it all things are really good. My mind hasn't been this peaceful and serene for as long as I can remember.

6/28/08 06:09 pm - 02. Battery

Summer is here. Life is good. I have tons of plans swirling around my head. Unfortunatly they start with cleaning the apartment, but it shouldn't take that long.. I hope. My flat is sort of a huge mess, as normal.^^ As long as I'll get the oven clean enough to make pizza I'll be alright. This is my first day of vacation, don't want to ruin it by cooking now would I?

There'll be lazy days ahead of me.. I've borrowed DMC2 from my brother (pluss a whole bunch of other games), I have unread books in heaps floating around, and last but not least a ton of drawings to get to. It's heavenly. Today I've been doing nothing but sleeping and reading Terry Pratchett's "Moving Pictures". It's one of those few Pratchett books I've had a rather hard time getting into, but now I quite enjoy it all. Trying to catch all the pop culture refences in it:P Old Hollywood really not being my thing, but hey.

Heh... I'm not gonna be just lazy this summer... I'm hopefully gonna get some stuff tucked into my brain. Namely I'm planning to learn php and mysql so it'll be easier to keep the gallery on my homepage... and I'm gonna learn myself Inkscape. Dang is that a program with respect for itself... I mean 14 print out pages worth of short cuts? Luckily it's just a lot of the same going over and over again.:P But I shall prevail... I have some nifty ideas in the backburner that would look best as vectors.:D

Then there's the trouble of figuring out my dad's birthday present. I really, really want to paint him something for his birthday... but what? Ponder, ponder.

Heh.. anyway this summer is going to be great. I do so intend to drag my brother with me around to old museums and stuff. Seeing as we're both on the poor side and really can't afford much else. Hmm... I actually got a bit more money than I anticipated, so maybe I'll actually go somewhere else for a little while. Heh.. I'll just have to see how everything will go won't I?
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