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User:snowtragic (57498)
Interests:44: air gear, allen walker, amy plum, angelic layer, anime, brie larson, buffy the vampire slayer, bullet for my valentine, call of gods, cardcaptor sakura, chrono crusade, code geass, d.gray-man, d.n.angel, death note, die for me, final fantasy, fruits basket, fullmetal alchemist, games, hairbands, kaleido star, kamikaze kaitou jeanne, kingdom hearts, latale, magic knight rayearth, manga, pandora hearts, pockie ninja, pretear, prince of tennis, reading, rip trickster online, sailor moon, skip beat, stargaze, trinity blood, tsubasa reservoir chronicle, vampire academy, vampires, video games, wartune, wolf's rain, xxxholic
Communities4:addme, animeicons, iconstipation, videogame_icons
Member of:4: addme, animeicons, iconstipation, videogame_icons
Account type:Early Free User

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