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User:lilwayne (14960)
Name:hello world! my name is not important!
Interests:62: 420, alcohol, andre nickatina, atmosphere, bbm, betsey johnson, blackberry, blackberry messanger, blunts, bongs, books, boys, coach, concerts, cuddling, doodling, drake, drawing, driving, family, fast cars, friends, grey goose, high heels, hip hop, hot tubbing, ipod, juicy couture, kisses, lady gaga, late nights, laughing, lil wayne, louie v, movies, music, my stupid blackberry!, nail polish, new faces, new places, nicki minaj, nordstrom, outdoors, parties, photography, pictures, randomness, reading, shakin' my ass, shoes, skintimate, sleeping, smiling, sunshine, tanning, texting, the beach, trask ♥, u of o ducks, ulta, wake and bake, young money
Communities3:addme, birthdays, tradingpost
Account type:Early Free User

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