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User:eraaxel (18002)
True Love
surpassing law, story, and even nature
Location:Oak Harbor, Washington, United States
Bio:If I ever has a real life version of Axel, I would be set for life and could sit in my room with Axel and my cat, playing cards or whatever for the rest of my (probably short after that) life. I'm a female gamer, though, and just because I like Axel don't think I'm a typical fan girl. I AM a fan girl, but I also play things like Halo, DMC, and other fun games. Starcraft and D2 are also on my list (but not WoW. WoW is for traitors). All DoMo'ers add me to your friends list! I am Kuno, the doctor!
Interests:22: albel, anime, axel, canth, crispin freeman, drawing, final fantasy, games, kingdom hearts, magna carta, manga, mercy thompson series, my cat, patricia briggs, percheron saga, pern, radiata stories, regal bryant, sephiroth, steven blum, writing, zarame
Schools:None listed
People2:lisaonpaper, waffle
Friend of:2: lisaonpaper, waffle
Member of:1: addme
Account type:Early Free User

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