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User:steadierfooting (14249)
I've gotta bust you out of here somehow...
Location:Arizona, United States
Bio:I'm easily amused.
I'm fascinated with the most random things.
My heart is with music, and I'm the kind of girl who pours over the lyrics as soon as I buy a new cd. It sounds silly, I know. But for me, the power of music rests in its ability to reach inside and touch the places where the deepest cuts lie.
I relate everything I do in life to a movie or a song, and I like it that way.

[info]iamthe Lucy (Across The Universe) of Scribbld.net
[info]iamthe Sam Winchester (Supernatural) of Scribbld.net
Interests:52: across the universe, almost famous, apple juice, art, belle & sebastian, ben folds, bike riding, blake lewis, camera obscura, catcher in the rye, chivalry, coffee, cold weather, cold weather clothes, copeland, counting crows, dark-rooms, death cab for cutie, design, earth tones, east of eden, elliott smith, flight of the conchords, franny and zooey, god, god-shaped hole, green tea, high fidelity, hugs, illustration, inside jokes, ireland, jeff buckley, jimmy eat world, lonesome jim, morrissey, music, on the road, photography, photoshop, polaroids, quik trip, sweater weather, tea, the beatles, the format, the postal service, the smiths, the thrills, walking places, witty humor, words
People5:daydreams, inviting, pinklipstain10, skye, worldateallie
Communities2:dear_you, iam
Mutual Friends:5: daydreams, inviting, pinklipstain10, skye, worldateallie
Also Friend of:1: monkers
Member of:3: addme, dear_you, iam
Account type:Early Free User

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