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User:tlanti (27241)
Location:Wellington, New Zealand (Aotearoa)
Bio:I'm currently doing an overseas experience and it certainly is proving to be an experience! I used to hate flying with a passion and now just hate the irritating annoying people who are forced upon me when I board a plane. A double whiskey with lemonade rarely looks so good!

I like lots of things... mainly having adventures and trying new things that come my way which have included ethnic drumming, ballroom dancing, singing in another language, belly dancing, kickboxing... and I want there to be more...!!
Interests:47: acting, art and craft, beer, bisexuality, captain jack harkness, cheese, christchurch, coffee, conventions, doctor who, drinking, ewes, flirting, food, gastronomy, ianto jones, l & p, london, myfanwy, new zealand, owen harper, paua, picton, public speaking, pubs, puddlejumpers, rams, reading, rotorua, science fiction, shearing, sheep, singapore, singing, socialising, stargate atlantis, tea, the hub, the ocean, the tardis, torchwood, toshiko sato, travel, wellington, wine, wraith, writing
Schools:None listed
People4:jimmy, morgan, news, system
Communities2:addme, bitchbook
Member of:2: addme, bitchbook
Account type:Early Free User

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