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June 14th, 2010 at 12:24pm CMMNT?

 Monday is my last chance. i gotta make it count.
May 27th, 2010 at 04:24pm 2CMMNT?

 i love doing homework in lunch to piss matthew off =]

speaking of homework. tesla can i have that picature please <333
May 26th, 2010 at 03:47pm CMMNT?

okay first of all, marching in both parades today wasnt bad as far as playing goes. its the best we have done in years and we got lots of congrats 
but, wow talking about extreamly boring and painful. wearing little tiny black shoes that basically eroded the bottom of my feet to nubs. they are so sore and i have little foot blisters everywhere.=[ then like going through all the cerimonial stuff at the busti cemetary. millions of prayers, essays the middle school kids wrote, gun soluting, and waiting while the middle school did the SSB. basically a two hours standing in one spot in painful shoes. so i was just like "omg fuck this" and i took off my shoes and socks and stood barefoot in the grass. =] we then went back to the school and got ready for the second parade for the lakewood cemetary. all the flowers on the stones were so pretty looking up the hill. We only had to play the SSB and then we were finally allowed to leave. thank god.

went home drank a gallon of water, and took a three hour nap =]
yay me.
May 20th, 2010 at 03:17pm 3CMMNT?

 ooo teshlaaa da piccy's =D
May 11th, 2010 at 08:19pm CMMNT?

 im thinkin about movin journals.

i just need help on choosing my new username.

im either thinkin.

babylets_startover , CourtnaiiJonas, or EMOtionalWreck
May 9th, 2010 at 04:46pm CMMNT?

 today was pretty gay and totally awsome at the same time.

i had to bring my guitar hero controller to school today so i can do my sculpting project for art. so all day kids in the hall way would touch the buttons and shit. kind sucks that i have art 4th block. then we had to run the fuckin mile. On the fuckin soccer/baseball field. and that sucked and i had a false start sence i had my ipod in i couldnt tell if hetreck said go so i ran and i relized no one was running so i stopped , slipped and fell on my ass WHILE doing a fucking split. it hurt. at least the boys werent looking when i did that. it would have been even more embarresing. after that i basically took a nap in the audatorium while the choir kids were practicing sence sigler wasnt here today. everyone looked at me when the bell rang. =] i was so whipped.

The good news matt threw a skittle at mike ingersoll and then gave me the bag before he turned around and he looked at me . then was like " hey can i have a purple skittle please ill be your friend forever" and that made me smile. tesla, he gave me a fucking hug =]. then dan shields gave both matt and a shout out on his new season of the shields report. so now im pretty much famous in my book cuz that is an honor to not only become friends with him but to also be included on his web show. im pretty glad i have gym with him. then cassi gave me pictures that she took from the fashon show, let me tell you there fucking amazing. cuz wow ill just leave it at that. the male models rocked!. now i might be spendin the night at matts and were gunna walk in the woods at like 3 in the morning just cuz.
sounds pretty fun. i know.
May 5th, 2010 at 12:28pm 4CMMNT?

 my fucking tit hurts from sammy splifta(ing) me. god damn i swear she almost ripped my nipple off.
what if she did? how would i feed my babies? lolz.
well in a few minutes i have to go BACK out to falconer to britanis house to pick up my cell phone charger which i stupidly forgot in the outlet in her basement. (dumbfuck moment)

jesus my fucking french teacher asked me as soon as i walked in the class if i did any "illegal drugs" its just fucking allergies, and my eyes water and ich. she is such a dumbass i swear to god. and she gave me a mean look cuz i yelled at her about her having an attitude to everyone. at least i had the balls to stand up to her, unlike all the other pussy's and ugly dykes in my class. *cough cough* (sam rowe, tanner delahoy, jason carlson, tyler hagg, joey diLuca, Joel Campain, and Kris) i hate them all.

last thing to talk about nate beakert. that nasty fat fuck that wont leave me the hell alone and give me a moments peace. i give him huge hints that i want him to leave me a lone. i ignore his texts half the time cuz all he wants to talk about is trying to get me to go to prom. which is never going to happen. cuz i rather been seen with a one legged monkey than him at that kind of social event. especially at our school. jesus its not about what you wear , but who you go with. the good news is that matt keeps telling me that some kid wants to go with me but he wont tell me who he is. and he told me hes in 12th so then i would be allowed to go to. but hes making me wait till the last minute to find out. so if that happens then i can let nate down gentally and tell him i already have a different date to the dance. =]

teshhla ur flippn water tasted like siara mist today :P
April 7th, 2008 at 04:17pm CMMNT?


bottom line today was fuck TASTIC ally amazing!!!!

so anyways like before i left for school i downed a huge shit load of red #40. and i was WIRED the whole day. omfg people thought i was literally mentally insane in gym. which is the way i prefer it.
Oh btw i can't miss one more day of gym or else i fail for the year. =] oppsyyy
well then i guess ill just have to make sure im sick on a A day.
BUT ANYWAY! we did tae-bo shit for the 30 min warm up thing. and tes ya know the part where you have to like skrunch down with your butt in the air and you have to go up and down. ( it looks like your humping air ) you know what part im talking about.
well i was like doing it and i was like tapping the air
TAP THAT). like i was with the water bottle and the french stuff. 
you know ( voulez vous asse seaux soiu!!!) <----- didnt spell it right.
but BACK TO MY STORY dan sheilds was like fucking freaked out. and it was so funny. like everyone was watching me and at the end  everyone was just like " holy shit wow" 

ohhh it was so sweet. then i grabbed like 10 pingpong balls. and started chucking them at people and hitting them in the head.
and me matt and dan sheilds had a fucking swearing contest and i totally one.

by the end of gym holy shit i had to piss so bad from laughing so much.!!!!!!!!!!

lunch was also amazing. CUZ TESLA WAS THERE!!!
and i got sour red skittles from matt. and my hyperness recharged.


April 6th, 2008 at 07:12pm 6CMMNT?

 well today it was finally warm enough to wear shorts which is a PLUS =]]]]].
even thooo i have extreamly fat legsss..

and you know I really miss bahar. but i dont think she knows about scribbld hey tess you need to message hur on myspace er something.

you know im so sad that there isnt a random questions on scribbld i loved talking to people in that. 

and im just in a really random mood right now and im kinda likin it.
OOO good news i intersepted the mail and got the letter that said i got iss. so now im not gunna get in trouble. and ya know how the schools letters always have the logo of the school on it. well it was just a regualr letter adressed to my parents with no return adress on it. i guess they do that so kids wont be suspisious and intersept the mail. well ya know im smarter than that soooo fuck you Southwestern High School. i beat your stupid system. hell yes. =DDD

blahh what is thur to do on a day like this. 
tes you should totally come home and comment. so we can have one of our world famous chatz =]
March 27th, 2008 at 05:02pm 3CMMNT?

... duh its fucking retarded to give a student ISS for swearing.

FUCK YOU SWANNY. you stupid ass steriod enduced bitch.
... god damn you piss me off.

i had to make up a whole fucking story to get my ISS time shortened. and mr.supola yea hes a pretty big duche bag too.

      both swanny, and supola can go rot in hell for all i care.