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Rollomatic Laser Cutting System Machines Large PCD Tools [02 Nov 2023|02:01am]

Lenox offers its Versa Pro carbide-tipped bandsaw blade for general-purpose cutting of carbon steels, alloys, tool steel, stainless and other materials. The versatile carbide blade leverages Honex technology in order to deliver long blade life across a variety of metals and cutting applications, VBET Insert the company says.

The new carbide grade tip has increased toughness to retain a sharp cutting edge. The Honex process pre-hones the cutting edge in order to minimize chipping and VNMG Insert help eliminate the break-in process. Other features that enhance performance include a multi-chip tooth design that balances chip load and reduces cutting forces; a moderately aggressive rake angle for easy penetration and balanced wear; and precision-ground carbide tips with clean, sharp edges that deliver smooth parts and quiet cutting.

The Versa Pro blade will be available in a range of widths to fit the majority of carbide-friendly band saws.

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