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While planning about buying an ID card printer, the money involved is the first thing that crosses the mind. Though there are a number of models available in the market at the present time that offers a buyer a number of options in respect of the price. But, other than the price, there are some other aspects to focus on while selecting an ID card printer, regarding the performance and the capabilities of the machine.

1. Simplicity and Portability: If the requirement of printing the card is limited to printing only basic information, with photos and texts, then a printer model of entry-level is enough that easily prints only one side of a PVC card and no need of enabling the card by creating an interface with a card reader. Therefore it is important to check the requirement APKT Insert regarding painting the cards and choose the printing model likewise.

Again, there are various models, which are smaller in size and therefore can be concealed easily and carry them to multiple events and locations. Therefore the requirement of portability should also be confirmed. The printers of the basic levels are generally slower than the upgraded models but these are ideal for printing fewer cards at different times.

2. Durability: Though an additional option, yet printer models that look after the durability of the cards printed are an excellent choice. Cards that are printed on the thermal transfer film and not directly on the surface of the card, provide additional protection to the images and texts printed on the cards. The machines that possess the capability of laminating the cards, safeguard them from exposure to chemicals, sun, and rain and hence increases their longevity.

Therefore investing in such machines is worthy for a company or institution that prints id cards with valuable information embossed on them. Along with the longevity of the printed cards, the life of the printer also becomes long with good handling. Before purchasing a printer, the buyer must ensure that he is selecting a printer capable of printing cards in bulk. A printer is highly affected by dust and dirt and hence it should be kept clean and covered in a dust-free environment.

3. Quality of Images: The image quality produced by the printers is mostly the same for all models, which use similar technology. Though the printers that print cards through the process of thermal printing are comparatively better. The image quality yielded by a printer on the cards is expressed in dpi (dots per inch). The higher the dots printed per inch, the better will be the quality of the image produced. Generally, most printers possess 300 dpi.

Entry-level models also produce a decent image, but if the cards printed are supposed to be used for advertising purposes, then the buyer should go for a printer with 600 dpi for a stunning and clear picture. Again, for printers that can print on both sides of the PVC card, a few unimportant pieces of information can be shifted to the backside. Hence the buyer should consider this aspect before buying a printer.

4. Encoding and Security: For printing cards that are used for storing data the printers should allow the cards to encode and read RFID tags, magnetic stripes, and smart chips, capable of handling sensitive information. Cards with magnetic stripes are most commonly used and are very cost-effective. A buyer can go for printers that are capable of rewriting the existing card information for keeping the card updated and tracking changes throughout.

The buyers should also check for card printer options that can print holographic lamination and micro printing. The buyer should investigate every option of security finishing.

5. Additional Facts: The buyer should endure that the printer he has chosen to purchase is compatible with the current version of the operating system he is using. The buyer should discuss every detail of compatibility with the sales representative. Also, ensure the fact that whether the chosen card printer applies the technology of Ethernet or USB for connecting to the local network.

Trade and Commerce

Card Printer Supplier Philippines help several companies to compete in the fast-moving time by means of providing solutions of the latest card technology. These suppliers claim of distributing plastic cards of high quality which are widely used in banks, commercial centres, offices, corporations, and universities. Along with these cards, they also offer cards printers of a large variety that serves multiple purposes.

ID card happens to be a quite popular and common item in demand. In any institution, an ID card printer is one of the daily used machinery. A formal ID card along with the identity of a member of an institution also looks after the safety and security of the institution. Hence card printer supplier deals with different types of organisations and institutions where id cards are printed in large volume in a VCMT Insert regular interval.

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