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excited for Arashi [10 Jan 2009|12:35pm]
The New Years was so much fun as well as the rest of the Holiday season..I am not really looking forward to the next semester starting..that means less time for Arashi fangirling and drama watching..well actually I could still do that if my work load isn't too bad. Why does Ohno-san's new drama, Sakurai-san's new movie, as well as at least one new Arashi single have to be during the college semester? I might end up getting distracted..if not that then broke...oh well I guess.

On another note, Johnny's Countdown 2008-2009 was awesome. I downloaded it to my computer as soon as people posted it. Arashi did a great job as the MCs for it. Omg there was this guy that was flying!! well not really he was held up by a wire or something, but still it was awesome!! I burned it to a dvd and I am watching it now..well I was until Arashi came on, I paused it so that I could update my journal..
and to my friends..well friend actually..I guess I haven't made many friends here yet, well then..to my friend, how was your holiday season?
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[03 Dec 2008|03:30pm]
Busy time of the year.
The end of the semester is stressful.
I keep on ignoring things by watching j-pop/j-rock videos. Mainly Arashi though.

Christmas is stressful.
I don't want to spend money!!
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Hello [25 Nov 2008|06:00pm]
New Here. Open for friends.
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