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Madeline Parry-Rousseau



June 6th, 2011

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Character Information

The Basics:

Full name: Madeline Ellanore Parry-Rousseau (Lefevre)
Nick names:
??, Texas, USA
Birthday: November 18
House and year:
Having her hands cut off.

Riddikulus: Having her wrists tickled with feathers.
Patronus and why:
Although she has not yet learned the patronus charm Maddie’s patronus will likely be an octopus (like her mother) due to her creativity and intelligence. The octopus also symbolizes focus, illusion, diversity, expansion, complexity and unpredictability.

School Information:

Blue spruce, 11 and a quarter inches, flexible with a Veela hair core.
Magical Art, ??
Photography Club, School Newspaper, Art Club.
Strongest subject:
Art and Latin.
Weakest subject:
Flying.. like mother like daughter.

Family and Relationships

Seraphim Donelly-Rousseau [biological mother] and Hunter Sommer
Siblings: Izzy, Claire, Benji, Rhian, Roxanne, Theo... I know I'm missing some
Extended Family:
Grandparents in Maine and Texas, Great Grandparents in Paris and a bunch of aunts, uncles and cousins all around.
Familiar: A full grown yet very tiny milk snake named Mon Roi (which is French for my king
Pansexual, to Maddie gender isn't really all that important. In her opinion, in the end people fall for who they fall for, and adding labels just makes things unnecessarily complicated. But mostly she just likes sleeping around.

Kristen Stewart

Physical Description:
Madeline is quite thin, even a bit more so than Sera at her age. She’s taller than most girls her age also which isn’t surprising considering Andre's height, he was 6'1 and Sera isn’t exactly short either at 5'9. She has no freckles really to speak although when she was small child she used to get them across her nose in the summer time. She's fairly pale and for the  most part has very clear skin.

She prefers dressing in her own style and designing her own stuff over buying brand name clothes. She doesn’t usually tend to buy anything new, and loves loves loves to go shopping at thrift stores. She’s often seen wearing mis-matched patterns and animal prints. She doesn’t mind wearing colors that clash and is a big fan of accessories. She’s kind of like a indie-hippie-punk, if that makes any sense at all.

Her hair is quite long and hangs mostly straight but can be a bit wavy when she doesn’t straighten it, which she usually does about half of the time. It goes down to about the middle of her back now but she’s trying to grow it down to her butt. It’s medium brown, but lightens up slightly during the summer months. She doesn’t tend to wear a lot of make-up unless she’s going out but is a huge fan of eyeliner. Her eyes are a beautiful blue-green but are almost always covered up with her favorite pair of sunglasses.


Politics, Activism, Spray Painting, Older guys, oversized Ts, Cigarettes, Drawing, Art, Designing Clothes, Graffiti, Obscure Art, Interpretive dance, Patterns and faux-animal prints, Vodka, Sewing her own Clothes, Poetry, Coffee Shops, Second-hand clothes and thrift stores, Ginger-Lemon Tea, The Clash, watercolors, Photography, conspiracy Theories, Charcoal Sketches, French Literature, Marilyn Munroe, The Beatles, Protests, 1960s decor, Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin, Fair Trade, Cyndi Lauper, Painting, Herbology, Madonna, Organic health foods.

Stupid people, authority figures, people who don't understand art, Quodpot, Republicans, Organized Religion, pink erasers, police, getting in trouble for trying to express herself.

  • She's a bit pretentious and a huge art snob.
  • Speaks fluent French.
  • She hardly ever wears a bra.She claims it's "liberating".
  • Designs her own clothes.
  • She especially loves sewing strange mis-matched patterns together, and ripping and cutting fabrics.
  • She bites her nails and bottom lip.
  • Probably learned from watching Jenny do it. Believes strongly that graffiti is a legitimate art form.
  • Was brought home by the cops last summer for tagging the side of a bank. A gram of weed was also found in her possession and confiscated. Sera was mortified.
  • Spends almost every spare second she has with her head in a sketchbook.

  • Lost her virginity when she was 14.
  • She highly intelligent but kind of despises it.
  • She barely even has to try in school, but will sometimes fails tests on purpose in order to hide her intelligence. She hates being compared to her mothers.
  • Tatum's her most favorite aunt..  mostly because she let's her smoke weed. She just isn't allowed to tell Sera.
Amortentia smells like: Charcoal pencil shavings, lilacs and ginger.

Mature for her age, creative, intelligent, good with languages, articulate, strong reader, Very artistic in many ways.

Too smart for her own good, absolutely no athletic ability, bad attitude problem, acts out for attention, craves male attention, unpredictable, despite her intelligence she usually acts without thinking, thinks she’s tough, and likes to misbehave.

Detailed personality:

Madeline is definitely not the nicest person in the world but she’s certainly capable of it when it suits her. She was raised to be polite and well mannered and is very good at playing that part especially in front of her mothers. She can have a pretty bad attitude and isn’t afraid to run her mouth especially if she’s in a bad mood or thinks you deserve it.

She’s smart as all hell and knows it too, she isn’t afraid to flaunt her intellectual side but doesn’t really tend to try very hard at school. She can debate with the best of them and is extremely politically outspoken but absolutely refuses to have anything to do with the Debate team or Student council. She just has no interest being compared to her mothers. 

She tends to stick to herself a lot or hang out with guys, mostly older artsy types and bad boys. She has no problem being sexual and to say she’s never been called a slut would definitely be a lie. Although if she wants something she'll flirt with almost anyone, she finds most people her own age too immature and beneath her to really bother with. She doesn't tend to "date" a lot, at least not long term anyway. She usually prefers to just hook up and move on when she gets bored.

She’s managed to make a few friends over the years and for the most part has stuck with them. Maddie can be pretty hard to get to know, and doesn’t tend to let many people in or share a lot of her secrets. When she does though she can be a pretty decent friend for the most part, even if she might  fuck your boyfriend.

She smokes, she drinks, has sex, steals, lies, cheats, gets high.. you name it she’s probably done it. She tends to push the boundaries even more so at school than at home where Sera isn't around to be a hypocrite and often finds herself in detention.

Personal History
... coming soon
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