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1/18/36 11:13 am - Friends Only

I really dislike Friends Only icon journals, but I would appreciate knowing how many people took a gander at my icons. I am online quite a bit, so any request put through will be accepted within 24 hours. And as long as you don't do something to piss me off, you're there for life. If you really care to know about my real life or my characters, you can check out [info]batshitrix.

1/18/10 12:24 pm - Affiliates

If you're an icon maker and want to be added to this list, leave a comment below.

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1/18/10 10:30 am - Requests

If you have a PB that you'd like to see icons for, please leave a comment here. It is completely optional, but a few links would also be nice (especially if you have special requests such as 'no red hair' or 'only before 2005' or something along those lines). Please keep in mind that low quality images also equal low quality icons. I'll try my best to make them look usable and nice, but if all I can find of more obscure actors/singers/whatever aren't the greatest photos ever, that will transfer to the look of the icon.

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1/7/08 11:45 am - PB Directory

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Keiko Agena Penn Badgley Tyra Banks Sara Bareilles Jonathan Bennett Sarah Chalke Alexis Dziena Ginnifer Goodwin Adrian Grenier Taylor Handley Amber Heard Tyler Hilton Song Hye-Kyo Blake Lively Cillian Murphy Kate Nash Renee Olstead Alex Pettyfer Anna Popplewell Michelle Ryan Brittany Snow Dylan and Cole Sprouse
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